Current Spirits: Here and Now

Since our inception, Current Spirits has been dedicated to using current methods of distillation and blending to create new and exciting canned cocktails, flavored spirits, as well as NY Vodka and Gin. We have refined and honed our process of creating clear spirits that do not require lengthy aging to reach the peak of maturity and can be incorporated into a wide range of cocktails.

Vodka & Gin

Our Vodka and Gin are distilled from 100% New York Grown corn, making them the perfect opportunity to support local farmers and enjoy a hand-crafted spirit.

Vodka Lemonades

Our Vodka Lemonades are hand crafted using our 100% New York Vodka, blended with natural flavors and cane sugar, to create a deliciously satisfying beverage with a modest ABV. From the sophisticated flavors of the Elderflower Lemonde, classic Pink Lemonade and the playful Tropical Lemonade we have created a flavor for every occasion.

Tequila & Whiskey

Our Ranch Water & Lime Margarita cocktails are crafted with Tequila imported from Mexico and blended with lime juice and natural flavors to create these refreshing beverages.

Whiskey Cider Smash is made with real apple juice and our Autumn Blaze Spiced Whiskey. So good, you’d swear we squeezed an apple pie into this release!