Perpetual Whiskey Project is Born

The culmination of many years devoted to the highest quality distilled spirits, Perpetual Whiskey Project (PWP) offers connoisseurs the finest whiskey made from American malt and aged in a multitude of oak casks to develop the most complex and pleasing attributes. PWP is proud to offer premium spirits that are non-chill filtered, free of artificial coloring, and always uniquely cask aged for a depth of flavor that is unrivaled. Born in Westchester and made for the world’s enjoyment.

Why single malt?

Perpetual Whiskey Project produces whiskeys from a two row malted barley and have all matured for a minimum of 3 years in ex-bourbon, ex-rye, ex-sherry casks, and other unique casks that have added their signature to our blend. We find that this method creates a whiskey with complex yet balanced flavors and aromas that showcase our efforts.

Since the 1980’s, there has been enormous growth in single malt whiskies released.
Today, there are more than 200 expressions of American single malt whiskey from more than 100 distilleries.

Whiskey barrels 2
Whiskey fermentation
Whiskey barrels